Tips on Renovating the Old Bathroom

How To Renovate the Old Bathroom

Many people tend to ignore the bathroom but only focus on other rooms when repairing and remodeling the home. However, this is a wrong thought because it will lose the harmony of the home. In addition, bathroom renovation will refresh the room’s space, helping you relax after hard-working days. The followings are some solutions to renovate and repair outof date bathroom become a beautiful one.

1. Benefits of using stained-glass doors for the bathroom

The bathroom’s space will be more spacious when applying glass doors. Specially, to save the space of the room, you can design additional bathroom partitions by types of tempered glass. When using glass doors, it is a good idea to use colored glass doors.
Stained glass door is suitable for every space, it can be used in living room, dining hall, office furnishing and especially used in the bathrooms. For the bathroom when using stained glass window, it will bring much value such as:
  • Bathroom is a wet place, much steam; glass doors will make the surface look more clean.
  • Stained glass doors will help the bathroom more discreetly and more beautiful.  Bright stained-glass windows that are decorated by many unique floral motifs fit the bathroom.
  • There are many types of glass used in building the bathroom, not only stained glass windows but also standing glasses for bathrooms are also diverse, which allows consumers have many opportunities to choose from.
  • Using colors of pattern glass doors for the bathroom do not only have effect in shielding but also they effects in decorating and beautifying. The types of windows with beautiful motifs always help everyone feel comfortable and disengaged when dipping in the cool waters. Eye-catching design is always the first choice for the modern bathroom, with impressive and elegant architecture.

2. Tips on choosing tiles for the bathroom


You should choose the white and small size wall tiles as they will make the bathroom become brighter and wider.
Ceramic flooring
You should select tiles with roughness in order to minimize the slip and clean easier.
If your bathroom is small and you want to make the room bigger, you should use light-colored tiles. Dark colored tiles will make the room more impressive, have a more powerful effect but without sufficient lighting design, it will easily cause cramped feeling. A proper solution is to combine neutral floor tiles with darker tiles and bright colors.
Wall tiles
  • You should choose the shiny, waterproof wall tiles that are easy to clean.
  • You may choose the same color of tiles for flooring and wall in order to create synchronization. Alternatively, you may select multicolored tiles but two typical colors: light is above, darker is below (normally, the height of darker part is 90 cm; brighter part placed to the end of the wall is 2m).
  • However, it should be noted that you should use warm colors when applying ceramic tiles to create a sense of balance before the bath, not being “afraid of water” when taking a cold shower.

3. Here are suggestions to choose colors for the bathroom

Color selection is important in repairing bathrooms with double white light for style and luxury bathroom become broader but warm colors like red, orange will make bathroom become warmer.
When choosing interior paint colors for the bathroom, you should choose colors that can bring comfort and relaxation.
Light Blue
The most popular color for the bathroom is blue, simply because it connects with water. In addition, cool blue evokes associations to the sea and the sky, so it works to cool the space, giving you a relaxing, soothing.
Friendly orange cream
Another suggestion for the main bathroom is orange cream color. Although it is not as common as blue, it is also a wonderful tone. It is used in almost the bathrooms having a mirror. Moreover, orange cream will help you get a bright space, wider than the real area. What’s more, selecting this color also gives the bathroom the warm and friendlier look
Young green
Feeling that green tone gives homeowners is similar to blue that is mentioned above: it is the gentle, quietness and peace. The difference is that this offers the youth, freshness like the leaves on the trees.
Luxurious gold/brown
Bringing the beauty and luxury to the bathroom is gold or brown tone. The color is suitable for those who love the noble and want to have a royal family style in space. However, you have to choose the classy interior designs that are respectively with this tone.

4. Select the mirror

Mirror is an indispensable factor when you decide to revamp and refresh the bathroom. With mirrors arranged in the logical locations, they will make the bathroom brighter and look broader many times.

5. Decorate the bathroom

Putting an eye-catching green carpet on the floor creates cool feeling in summer days. On the sink, you can place orchid’s pots or decorate containers of sea snails. Just such simple decorations, you have a wonderful bathroom.

This article was written by jamesmonroe