The Most Affordable Cordless Drill in 2016

The Most Affordable Cordless Drill in 2016

Cordless drill is one of the most significant devices for construction workers or home users who love working around different kinds of material such as metal or wood.

They could provide user various choices to have a lot of tasks completed in a short time and are generally simple to quickly handle screws into the materials. If you buy cordless equipment you could have more flexibility to work other than being confined by a cord one. The followings are some reviews for the best cordless drills for the money.

The Best Assessed Cordless Drill to Purchase

The DC970K-2 version of Dewalt with two 18 volt batteries (which often take 1 hour to charge) is created in USA and is just 5 lbs in weight. In addition, it has a compact form so that the users could store it easily. This model spends 380 Ws of energy and has a double pace range from 0 to 450 or 0 to 1500 revolutions per minute.

When you buy this version, it often provides a warranty for three years. Most users love how powerful and influential this equipment is, how quickly the batteries charge and how long it could work for a single charge. Thus, they rate it one of the best cordless drills for any users.

The Best Cordless Drill Below 200 USD


The DDB180-02 version of Bosch with 18 volt Lithium Ion has 2 batteries so that it could much easier to keep the equipment operate for a long time.

There are 15 positions for the grip settings to operate driving tasks. It also has a soft clutch to minimize users’ exhaustiveness and an incorporated LED light to work effectively in dark places. In addition, a warranty for 1 year is accompanied with this device when you make your buying decision.

The users could easily store and carry this device around as it is designed with a storage space. In addition, consumers also love how robust this cordless drill is and how long the batteries could last. This device is strongly suggested by users and is rated one of the best drills under 200 USD to buy.

The Best Cordless Drill for Budget

This GCD18BK drill version of Genesis brand has a 18 volt battery and 1 charger. It is also a case for storage so that the users could easily carry the device. Speaking of design, it is built with a light form (just 6 lbs in weight) and 3/8 inch chuck at six pounds.

There is also an incorporated LED working light so that the users could easily and effectively complete tasks in dark places. In addition, it also provides a torque grip setting with 16 positives and a limited warranty for two years limited warranty when you make the buying transaction.

The Most Powerful Cordless Drill in the Market

This LCT209W cordless drill version of Makita with 12 volt lithium ion batteries is only 2 lbs in weight. In addition, it has changing pace levels with twisting force up to700 inch/pound. There is also a quick charger for the batteries which could charge in just 30 minutes.

Moreover, the Makita offers you a warranty of the battery for 1 year and a warranty of the tool for years. Lastly, with an ergonomic form, it helps the users improve working conditions as well as work more efficiently.

In conclusion, all of these above versions are among the best cordless drills for your budget as they offer various features that make them easy to use so that the users could get their job or task done fast.

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