Some Useful Ways to Make Your Home Cooler in Summer

When it comes to summer, people often think of the hot sun. If you want to beat the heat in your home, do not hesitate to keep it cool as you are at the beach. In summer, people intend to install an air conditioner to dispel the heat. However, you also find a lot of ways to keep your house cool during hot days. In addition to repainting the house, the following tips are very useful for you to have a cool house in summer days.

1. Paint iron door

It is a good idea for you to repaint the old doors with the neutral colors. You can completely choose gray or black if you like. You know that the neutral colors will never cause the tired, hot feeling for your house. However, you should remember that after repainting you and your family members have to be careful to not stick coating on the clothing.

2. Cover the sofa and pillow

In the case your budget does not allow you to repaint all doors, you should change the curtains and upholster the sofas that are old. This is the most common way that the US and European countries are used to applying when they want to change the feeling of living or to welcome a new season upcoming. Simply, just use a cloth to cover the big sofa; you have changed the color of the sofa. With summer, you should choose the light-colored fabrics. If you are interested in pattern, you should choose patterns that are light, not big, not too prominent, but they still make the feeling of tropical summer.
3. Replace blinds
Curtain is also one of the important factors to change perception of the room. Because monitors typically cover a large area and should attract much bright vision, so they will create cool, spacious effects than the other colors. If you want to block the light outside another house, you should remember to choose thick fabric.

4. Place the mirror

Keep in mind to place the mirror in the direction that the light can get into the house, and make the space wider.

5. Change the decorations

Each family has a few decorative items such as vases, linens, frames, ashtrays, cups … And surely, those who love beauty often have few things in the house to change when needed. So let us take this opportunity to bring the changes. You should choose items having the simple character designs and courteous color to decorate. For example, instead of using red frame, you should choose brown, cream, or silver. Additionally, you can limit the amount of vases or bottles in the house to make it more spacious. In addition, using light-colored tablecloths is recommended. Moreover, you had better use glass cups or white cups…

6. Arrange things in your house tidy

Rearranging everything in all rooms neat is also a way to make the house cooler. You can start with shelves. Try your best to arrange books, magazines and newspaper in order. You should know that you can apply beautiful book covers to decorate the house and do they do interesting attractive points. Similarly, with your wardrobe, you should
Wardrobe put away the cold wearing costumes and hang out the costumes having cool colors, gentle and natural materials.

7. Clean the kitchen

  •  Kitchen is where you often present many small items, and is also easy to fouling.
  • Take your time to clean the kitchen thoroughly.
  • Rearrange the spice jar, cutlery and pots orderly.
  • Finally, wipe the kitchen table, which does not only help remove bacteria on the kitchen table, but also brings fragrance to the kitchen.
8. Bring the natural objects to the bathroom
With the bathroom, you simply replace the towels having bright colors, which will make the bathroom look brighter and cleaner. To add to the natural feel, you should put into use items that have natural materials such as shells containing soap, rattan basket containing the bottle of shampoo and shower gel. You can also put a few stones with bright colors.

9. Clean the fans

Fans stuck with too thick dust also make the house look dusty, simultaneously; they make us feel not cool. That is the reason why you need to clean the dust; you will feel your house cooler.

10. Replace the bulb

Do not forget to check the consumption level of energy of the bulbs and lamps in the house. You should  replace them by compact bulbs to reduce power consumption, you still have the same light and your home are less hot because these bulbs have less heat.

11. Place the plants and flowers

You do not need a too large pot of plants or a large vase with lots of flowers, you just need a small tree pot or a lovely flower vase on a sofa table, kitchen table or dining table, you will feel nature as being washed into every corner of the house.

12. Clean the floor

Finally, do not forget to wipe the floor clean with dedicated floor cleaner. Dedicated floor cleaner will help you sterilize and bring fresh natural fragrance for the house. You know, bringing nature fragrance into the home is a very popular way nowadays. This is the most inexpensive way and the most effective  way for your home  still have the natural flavor without applying expensive measures such as the use of oil.

This article was written by jamesmonroe