5 Easy Tips for Your Home Improvement

As usual, people just think that home improvement is really complicated since renovation or remodeling requires a lot of time, effort, and finance of course. In fact, there are a lot of easy tips that you can apply to make your house nicer and more comfortable. You do not need to make huge changes, but some small ones definitely bring a new face to your house.

Here are those easy but wonderful tips

  • Decorating the front views for your house.
     Normally, the front view is the first thing that impresses us and our visitors. Somehow it also reflects the owner’s personality. Therefore, please pay attention to the front views of your house. You should paint the same color for your home exterior and the garage. Besides, if you like your house impressive and stand out, you can paint the doors and exterior walls in complementary colors such as orange and blue. If you like your house harmonious and pleasing to the eye, analogous color scheme, such as using blue and green, should be applied.
  • Selecting objects on display. We all agree that the collection of antiques, spectacular statues or pictures marking family memory have a huge impact on your decoration. However, showing too much those objects only makes the home look messy. Not everything on display is always a good choice. You had better create a private space to display them and avoid displaying too many items in a narrow space. Furthermore, people have a tendency to love small and cute souvenir, but displaying them all is a real problem that makes frightful jumble. It also requires a lot of cleaning since they are susceptible to dust. Thus please consider carefully before displaying them.
  • Not putting too many highlights in the same room. Each space should have one highlight to impress only. Highlight is often the sofa or television shelf in the living room, the headboard in bedroom, or sinks and mirrors in bathrooms. Paintings are also good highlights, but avoiding hanging them too high. Ideally, they are 24-25 cm above the headboard, sofa or shelf. In the corridor, or in the stairs, paintings should be hung about 1.6-1.7 m from the foot of the wall. Moreover, avoid putting highlight by furniture of the same material because it can make your home become boring. For furniture, the principle is as simple as beautiful. Do not get more than 3 items of the same material. For example, you should not use wood for flooring, cabinets, and tables. It is better to ingeniously combine interior materials to make the room become more vivid.
  • decorating-the-front-views-for-your-houseAdding the presence of nature to your house. The corner or balcony is the first choice for you to bring nature into your house. Without the presence of nature in the home, it not only affects the feng shui but also makes your house lack of vitality. In contrast, being around plants helps people concentrate better in the home and workplace. Studies show that the calming influence of nature makes tasks performed better with greater accuracy and of course a higher result. In addition, memory performance and attention increase by twenty percent when living or working with the presence of nature. There are many ways that you can bring nature to your home. You can keep indoor plants, keep flowers like roses or petunias around your home, or set up botanical garden.
  • Updating lighting equipment. If the lighting equipment is old and outdated, please equip new table lamp or chandelier immediately to change the room. Apart from being essential factor for human mood, light also helps stand out areas when illuminated. Perfect lighting can absolutely change a boring room. Besides, you can use natural lights by refreshing your windows or changing curtains. You should apply adjustable external shading devices on east, west and north-facing windows. If you do that, you not only increase natural lights but also save a lot of money.
Above are some easy tips that you definitely apply to your house to make it more beautiful. These days, we are so busy with our works, but just spending a little time can remarkably change your house. As a result, living in a comfortable house helps you enjoy your life better.

This article was written by jamesmonroe