Some Useful Ways to Make Your Home Cooler in Summer

When it comes to summer, people often think of the hot sun. If you want to beat the heat in your home, do not hesitate to keep it cool as you are at the beach. In summer, people intend to install an air conditioner to dispel the heat. However, you also find a lot of ways to keep your house cool during hot days. In addition to repainting the house, the following tips are very useful for you to have a cool house in summer days.

1. Paint iron door

It is a good idea for you to repaint the old doors with the neutral colors. You can completely choose gray or black if you like. You know that the neutral colors will never cause the tired, hot feeling for your house. However, you should remember that after repainting you and your family members have to be careful to not stick coating on the clothing.

2. Cover the sofa and pillow

In the case your budget does not allow you to repaint all doors, you should change the curtains and upholster the sofas that are old. This is the most common way that the US and European countries are used to applying when they want to change the feeling of living or to welcome a new season upcoming. Simply, just use a cloth to cover the big sofa; you have changed the color of the sofa. With summer, you should choose the light-colored fabrics. If you are interested in pattern, you should choose patterns that are light, not big, not too prominent, but they still make the feeling of tropical summer.
3. Replace blinds
Curtain is also one of the important factors to change perception of the room. Because monitors typically cover a large area and should attract much bright vision, so they will create cool, spacious effects than the other colors. If you want to block the light outside another house, you should remember to choose thick fabric.

4. Place the mirror

Keep in mind to place the mirror in the direction that the light can get into the house, and make the space wider.

5. Change the decorations

Each family has a few decorative items such as vases, linens, frames, ashtrays, cups … And surely, those who love beauty often have few things in the house to change when needed. So let us take this opportunity to bring the changes. You should choose items having the simple character designs and courteous color to decorate. For example, instead of using red frame, you should choose brown, cream, or silver. Additionally, you can limit the amount of vases or bottles in the house to make it more spacious. In addition, using light-colored tablecloths is recommended. Moreover, you had better use glass cups or white cups…

6. Arrange things in your house tidy

Rearranging everything in all rooms neat is also a way to make the house cooler. You can start with shelves. Try your best to arrange books, magazines and newspaper in order. You should know that you can apply beautiful book covers to decorate the house and do they do interesting attractive points. Similarly, with your wardrobe, you should
Wardrobe put away the cold wearing costumes and hang out the costumes having cool colors, gentle and natural materials.

7. Clean the kitchen

  •  Kitchen is where you often present many small items, and is also easy to fouling.
  • Take your time to clean the kitchen thoroughly.
  • Rearrange the spice jar, cutlery and pots orderly.
  • Finally, wipe the kitchen table, which does not only help remove bacteria on the kitchen table, but also brings fragrance to the kitchen.

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5 Easy Tips for Your Home Improvement

As usual, people just think that home improvement is really complicated since renovation or remodeling requires a lot of time, effort, and finance of course. In fact, there are a lot of easy tips that you can apply to make your house nicer and more comfortable. You do not need to make huge changes, but some small ones definitely bring a new face to your house.

Here are those easy but wonderful tips

  • decorating-the-front-views-for-your-houseDecorating the front views for your house. Normally, the front view is the first thing that impresses us and our visitors. Somehow it also reflects the owner’s personality. Therefore, please pay attention to the front views of your house. You should paint the same color for your home exterior and the garage. Besides, if you like your house impressive and stand out, you can paint the doors and exterior walls in complementary colors such as orange and blue. If you like your house harmonious and pleasing to the eye, analogous color scheme, such as using blue and green, should be applied.
  • Selecting objects on display. We all agree that the collection of antiques, spectacular statues or pictures marking family memory have a huge impact on your decoration. However, showing too much those objects only makes the home look messy. Not everything on display is always a good choice. You had better create a private space to display them and avoid displaying too many items in a narrow space. Furthermore, people have a tendency to love small and cute souvenir, but displaying them all is a real problem that makes frightful jumble. It also requires a lot of cleaning since they are susceptible to dust. Thus please consider carefully before displaying them.
  • Not putting too many highlights in the same room. Each space should have one highlight to impress only. Highlight is often the sofa or television shelf in the living room, the headboard in bedroom, or sinks and mirrors in bathrooms. Paintings are also good highlights, but avoiding hanging them too high. Ideally, they are 24-25 cm above the headboard, sofa or shelf. In the corridor, or in the stairs, paintings should be hung about 1.6-1.7 m from the foot of the wall. Moreover, avoid putting highlight by furniture of the same material because it can make your home become boring. For furniture, the principle is as simple as beautiful. Do not get more than 3 items of the same material. For example, you should not use wood for flooring, cabinets, and tables. It is better to ingeniously combine interior materials to make the room become more vivid.
  • design-nice-garden-balconyAdding the presence of nature to your house. The corner or balcony is the first choice for you to bring nature into your house. Without the presence of nature in the home, it not only affects the feng shui but also makes your house lack of vitality. In contrast, being around plants helps people concentrate better in the home and workplace. Studies show that the calming influence of nature makes tasks performed better with greater accuracy and of course a higher result. In addition, memory performance and attention increase by twenty percent when living or working with the presence of nature. There are many ways that you can bring nature to your home. You can keep indoor plants, keep flowers like roses or petunias around your home, or set up botanical garden.

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Tips on Renovating the Old Bathroom

How To Renovate the Old Bathroom

Many people tend to ignore the bathroom but only focus on other rooms when repairing and remodeling the home. However, this is a wrong thought because it will lose the harmony of the home. In addition, bathroom renovation will refresh the room’s space, helping you relax after hard-working days. The followings are some solutions to renovate and repair outof date bathroom become a beautiful one.

1. Benefits of using stained-glass doors for the bathroom

The bathroom’s space will be more spacious when applying glass doors. Specially, to save the space of the room, you can design additional bathroom partitions by types of tempered glass. When using glass doors, it is a good idea to use colored glass doors.
Stained glass door is suitable for every space, it can be used in living room, dining hall, office furnishing and especially used in the bathrooms. For the bathroom when using stained glass window, it will bring much value such as:
  • Bathroom is a wet place, much steam; glass doors will make the surface look more clean.
  • Stained glass doors will help the bathroom more discreetly and more beautiful.  Bright stained-glass windows that are decorated by many unique floral motifs fit the bathroom.
  • There are many types of glass used in building the bathroom, not only stained glass windows but also standing glasses for bathrooms are also diverse, which allows consumers have many opportunities to choose from.
  • Using colors of pattern glass doors for the bathroom do not only have effect in shielding but also they effects in decorating and beautifying. The types of windows with beautiful motifs always help everyone feel comfortable and disengaged when dipping in the cool waters. Eye-catching design is always the first choice for the modern bathroom, with impressive and elegant architecture.

2. Tips on choosing tiles for the bathroom


You should choose the white and small size wall tiles as they will make the bathroom become brighter and wider.
Ceramic flooring
You should select tiles with roughness in order to minimize the slip and clean easier.
If your bathroom is small and you want to make the room bigger, you should use light-colored tiles. Dark colored tiles will make the room more impressive, have a more powerful effect but without sufficient lighting design, it will easily cause cramped feeling. A proper solution is to combine neutral floor tiles with darker tiles and bright colors.
Wall tiles
  • You should choose the shiny, waterproof wall tiles that are easy to clean.
  • You may choose the same color of tiles for flooring and wall in order to create synchronization. Alternatively, you may select multicolored tiles but two typical colors: light is above, darker is below (normally, the height of darker part is 90 cm; brighter part placed to the end of the wall is 2m).
  • However, it should be noted that you should use warm colors when applying ceramic tiles to create a sense of balance before the bath, not being “afraid of water” when taking a cold shower.

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Useful Tips on Remodeling the Living Room

It is amazing to own a house but it is hassle to maintain it if you don’t know how to make home improvements. When having a home, you need to make it feel like a happy, safe place in order that you and your family members feel comfortable and always want to come back after school, work or an enjoyable vacation. Therefore, you should beautify and add more values to your house. Remodeling the living room is one of the best ways you can choose.

As you know, a living room is one of the main rooms in the house after the bedroom. It is a place for your family to get together after meals. Hence, it is a vital room that you should remodel in order to get the right feel from it. However, remodeling on the living room may be not cheap. It sometimes is just not in your budget if you want to raise the value of your home. The following tips will help you have a beautiful room without breaking your bank.

Tips on remodeling the living room

1. New Flooring
Carpet is cheap and can transform your living room. Nevertheless, it doesn’t do much for re-sale value. In the event you like the warmth of carpet, this is a cost effective option.

The feeling that you get from your room is one of the most important reasons why you want to remodel it. If you want a fun room for your children, thickly padded carpet is the better choice because it gives comfort for kids to play.

In the case, you should choose the hardwood floor if you like the formal feel. Even though hard wood and tile are more expensive, they will bring you a bigger profit when you invest on them. You can find many discount flooring stores to get great deals on these types of flooring. Moreover, it is a economical way to remodel if you know how to install them.

2. Fresh Paint

 Once you made up your mind about the right flooring, the wall is the next factor you need to decide. The baseboard, the fireplace or the crown molding are the things you can take into account.

Painting is also an easy, cost effective and easy way to add beauty to your living room. You room can be positively changed due to a few gallons of paint. With a new color, the mood can be changed, the imperfections on the walls can be hidden and the room will be dimmer or brighter, which depends on your living area’s theme.

You can use different finishes to emulate crown molding or texture the walls. In additionally, you should paint the ceiling if you have intention of brightening up and making the room cleaner.

3. New Furniture

 The furniture you choose should work best for the room. Thus, you should select the furniture accordingly.

The furniture can be expensive or cheap, which rely on what you want to purchase, but the room can be looked like new thanks to some new couches. Your living room will look wonderful if you know how you combine furniture with painting that matches up colors well.

In the case, all new couches are not affordable, you can choose a new coffee table or chair that can help you remodel in stages and add some fair.

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